Ayumu Iwasa

For Ayumu Iwasa motorsport has always been a family thing. “I started racing because my parents were racing a Honda Civic in Suzuka and other tracks.”
“They taught me the fun of racing.”
His choice of favourite circuit is not surprising. “Itʼs a technical circuit like Suzuka. Because I can feel the fun of driving a car.”
Even before coming to Europe he had a good deal of success and remembers his favourite race. “It was Japanʼs Best Match of Super-FJ in 2019. I was overtaken on the final lap, but I overtook in the final corner and won. It was special because I was losing to same rival as I had for a long time, but finally, I was able to win over that rival.”
He has always enjoyed Maths at school and in his free time enjoys sports, including golf but also driving on the sim and cooking. He believes that winning is down to more than just the driver. “Itʼs victory taken by all team membersʼ power.”
As for the coming 2021 season he knows what to expect. “A tougher battle than ever before.” He is ready for it and his ultimate goal is clear: “To be F1 World Champion.”

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