News 11 Sep 2020

Hitech enters just 2 cars for final Formula 3 round at Mugello

We left Monza Sunday afternoon with a driver joining us who had terminated his agreement with the team he was racing with in the current FIA F3 Season. After dialogue Sunday in Monza the team had agreed to release the driver and confirmed he had met all its obligations in order to move across to Hitech.

Unfortunately in the build up to the Mugello Grand Prix the team then went back on its word and refused to release the driver to move across to Hitech. This was an under hand attempt to force the driver to see out the final round of the Championship at Mugello, despite the driver and his sponsor terminating their agreement post race on Sunday and paying out their contract in full for the season.

Due the team withholding that authorisation, Hitech was not able to enter the driver for the race this weekend at Mugello due to Article 26.3 of the 2020 FIA Formula 3 Sporting Regulations.

Rather than rush to fill our car last moment we will just focus on the weekend with Liam and Dennis alongside integrating the new driver into the Hitech environment over the Mugello weekend ready for 2021.

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