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With Formula 3 regulations allowing teams to choose their brake supplier, this is a crucial area of car development.

With Formula 3 regulations allowing teams to choose their brake supplier, this is a crucial area of car development.

For more than 30 years, Brembo Racing braking systems have helped the most successful teams in motorsport win the world’s most prestigious races.

Brembo offers a comprehensive range of products dedicated exclusively to motorsports and designed to deliver the best in the most extreme conditions: consistent performance, superior braking power, precision and control, and resistance to very high temperatures. All Brembo products for racing applications are the result of ongoing research and development in collaboration with the world’s most prestigious teams, and of a manufacturing process conducted entirely in-house, from design and machining to bench and track testing.

Brake pads

In the motoring world Brembo is known for its exceptional discs and calipers. For several years Brembo has also manufactured brake pads that guarantee extremely high performance. They are organic pads, also ceramic-based, available in four different compounds: RB 170, RB 340, RB 350 and RB 330. Each offers superior characteristics to meet the needs of any competition driver or rider, from sprint races to endurance challenges.

High performance that’s always certain

For more than 40 years Brembo has been fitting cars managed by the most prestigious teams in major motorsport competitions with their discs. The end result: hundreds of World Championships won.

Drawing on this DNA, from extremely high precision machining and incredibly rigorous quality control, Brembo offers an extraordinarily wide range of discs due to various ventilation solutions, slotting and fastenings.

The choice of slotting can have an impact on vehicle performance. For this reason, depending on the application, Brembo has come up with various patterns for machining brake discs. By crossing slotting, ventilation and fastening (with pawls or teeth), an infinite number of combinations is available – ideal for the development of new braking systems

A wide, customisable range

Ever since 1975, when Enzo Ferrari chose to have Brembo brakes fitted on his single-seater race cars, Brembo has been developing and fine tuning ever-higher performance braking systems.

Brembo brake calipers provide limitless possibilities for personalising the braking system on the vehicle being outfitted: Forged or billet machined; with two, four or six pistons; and fitted with a fixed or mobile bridge.

Brembo offers an extremely wide range of solutions, covering the specific needs of all major competitions including NASCAR, Prototypes, GT, Formula 3, Endurance and Rally

Fluids and pedals
Details that make all the difference

For perfect operation of its braking systems Brembo offers two different brake fluids designed specifically for the racing world.

LCF fluid, DOT approved (Super-dot 4), suitable both for the track and the road, is a basic fluid with excellent characteristics. HTC fluid is not intended for road use, and is suitable only for the track. Designed for extremely high performance vehicles, this brake fluid represents the pinnacle of fluids available on the market today.

Another accessory Brembo offers is the racing foot pedal unit, a brand new accessory created for competition vehicles. Billet machined, this foot pedal unit is suited for competitions that demand top performance.

This unit is customisable to meet the needs of any driver. Both the brake/clutch unit and the accelerator have fully adjustable pedals and plates, while the master cylinders – all push type – are available in various diameters and versions.

Master Cylinders
Enduring performance

All Brembo brake master cylinders are made with cutting-edge procedures, using extremely high precision internal machining that guarantees excellent performance and long life. Forged or billet machined, these master cylinders are the top of the line available today in the racing sector.

A clear advantage of Brembo brake master cylinders lies in the lost travel adjusted at the factory. In addition, all Brembo master cylinders can be serviced, making the life of the master cylinder virtually infinite.

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