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Dragon Inc is a dedicated fintech company, dedicated to presenting a state of the art Blockchain payment solution. Deployed with cutting-edge innovations through precise applications, Dragon is focused on delivering evolutionary Blockchain technology throughout the Entertainment Industry. Dragon Inc has a robust corporate governance model that is both transparent and credible, placing the business at the forefront of evolution within the entertainment sectors where we see ourselves as the bridge between traditional finance and the new era of the Blockchain phenomenon.

Dragon Inc, as a forward-thinking company who embraces change, has created a truly unique platform that gives the connectivity and trust to lead the gaming industry through a groundbreaking journey into the future.

The Dragon platform is a fresh creative start where its limitations are bound by our own imagination, the ever-developing narrative of what Dragon presents today and our vision of what its potential is for the future have brought about an evolutionary change in mindset; to provide prosperous solutions to age-old challenges.

Dragon has charitable organisations at the heart of all our activities, we are involved in working with outstanding people who are not just making a difference but continue to raise the bar on both a personal and group level on the world stage. Our support for these organisations is paramount and we’ll continue to seek out new opportunities globally.

Dragon are paving the way to see mainstream adoption of our evolutionary Blockchain technology. Dragon is forging relationships and supporting companies with this paradigm shift by utilizing our innovative platform, this creates a win-win for everyone involved, adds value to every deal or partnership that grows with Dragon and guarantees great luck for the future.

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